Baby voices and whinging - how to help?

Evening all!

I’m looking for some advice regarding my very strong willed daughter (she’s my second born). At school she’s a complete angel 5 days a week. At home however, she’s been talking like a baby and constantly whinging.

I’ve tried so many things, including giving her attention, affection and one on one time.

We have tried consequences but she doesn’t seem to care. We have tried completely ignoring her but it just continues.

Am I missing something really obvious here??

Thank you in advance :heart_hands:

Ahhhh been there and it’s super frustrating isn’t it :weary:

When we went through that phase, I was told that sometimes when children are acting like a baby or showing regression in their behaviour, it is actually an indication that they are looking for permission to do more little child behaviour and to get confirmation from you that it’s still okay for them to be a little child.

I think this can be quite common when they first start school?? It definitely was for us. I was advised that it can help to meet them where they are and play baby with them and increase the amount of cuddle time in the evening. One thing I also learnt through the course is the power of naming emotions - that definitely worked for moments like this in our house.

Hope you’re ok, I know it’s tough going!

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Thanks @singlemumof1 ….maybe I just need to lean into it a bit more then and role play babies with her to try and stop it going on forever?!!

I definitely need to do more about naming emotions also - thank you for the reminder!!

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Hi @sunshine84 It can be frustrating and sometimes quite irritating when they go into baby mode, but i wouldnt worry too much about it - trying not to give them attention for it can help. But letting those game run their course is OK. dont get cross or make her feel bad. Its a phase and find other fun things to enjoy together at other times : )


Thanks very much, @Dr_Clare_Bailey. That’s really reassuring and I will do my very best to ignore it and remind myself it’s just a phase :heart_hands: