Bedtimes and lighter nights….help!

Please tell me I’m not the only one that’s struggling to get their kids to bed now the evenings are lighter?!

What can I do to encourage on time bedtimes. It’s been an absolute nightmare in my house and I need even just an hour to myself in the evening but bedtimes are taking until 10pm now. Taking the dummy away I guess doesn’t help either but even before I started that process, bedtimes were becoming impossible in the light evening.

What are you all doing about bedtime??

Hello TiredMum. I assure you, that you are not the only one who is struggling to get their child to go to sleep now that it is brighter in the evenings! I do remember this problem myself and can tell you that it will get easier! Here are a few suggestions that have been helpful for parents that I have worked with in the past:

  • Keep the bedtime routine the same e.g. Turn off all screens at least 1-hour before bedtime, relaxing bath, story etc
  • Add an extra high energy activity approx. 1 - 2 hours before the bedtime routine. This will help your child to burn some energy, and perhaps tire them out a little before bed. You could go for a walk, give them extra trampolining time, play a fun game in the garden, skipping, or follow an exercise or dance video inside, throw and catch with a balloon, play a game such as Simon Says or play hide and seek with an object. These activities could also be an extra chance to connect.
  • Use Blackout blinds, to significantly make the room darker. There are also temporary blackout blinds and blackout sheets now available.
  • Start dimming the light throughout the home just before the bedtime routine. – Partially close curtains and blinds, to make the home seem darker and cosier, ready for bedtime.
  • Audio sleep stories, white noise, gentle rain sounds can too have gentle relaxing benefits.

It would be great to hear of any other suggestions from others. TiredMum I do hope things do get easier for you. Take care x


Thank you @Parent_Coach_Mel, these are all wonderful suggestions. I particularly love the one about dimming the light beforehand, even though it’s still light out, just shutting the curtains gives the living room a much different vibe as bedtime nears! Thank you x


I do this!! Shut the blinds in the living room and bedroom at 6pm to make it less bright and it def helps as they can’t directly see the sunlight beaming through :joy: I also get my son out on his bike or scooter just round the block for a bit after dinner to expel that last bit of energy. Plus it helps me up my step count also!


Great point about our own step count :joy:

We’ve done a couple of trips round the block after dinner and it def does help x

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