Fear of change / refusing to throw things away

Hi! My 5 year old literally saves almost everything. From pictures, to cards, wrappers, small toys, post it notes, old phone cases….honestly it’s everything. Some things I can understand, but it’s getting out of control. At times I need to get rid of things like baby toys, but she won’t let me give them to charity or friends, so sometimes I have to tell her I’m just putting it away as too many things are out when really, I get rid of it.

Also, she seems to be afraid of change. When we suggest redecorating her room to make it more of a “big girl room” she is hesitant. It’s weird as she seems to want to and is excited when we talk about what we can do; but then seems to have a sadness come over her at the thought of changing her room.

Help please!! Am super stuck and don’t know how to stop my house overflowing with all the stuff she has to keep!!

Hi @sunshine84, I have a similar issue with my 4 year old, although perhaps not as extreme. I just tend to remove things bit by bit, very slowly on the hope she doesn’t notice. It does have to be very gradual though. Would your daughter notice even minimal changes?

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Hey @R2104, how are you getting on? I do the same as @sunshine84 as have a similar challenge but it def has to be super discrete and done slowly. X

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Thank you ladies. I’ve tried putting a few things away discretely…mainly the junk modelling as it drives me crazy and she hasn’t noticed yet. However it’s only a few small things. She just won’t engage with any talk about changing her room, even when I frame it positively. Not sure how I’m going to tackle that one at all…

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