Feeling rubbish

I love my son, I really do. I’m constantly researching and reading and of course, am part way through the course. I just feel like I’m failing. It feels like my husband gets all the time in the world to fill his cup and I’m left just constantly having mine emptied. It also always feels like my son just prefers my husband and it makes me feel so lonely sometimes. It’s hard not to feel rejected, but I don’t want to put that on my son. Not sure what to do to feel better.


Sending you so much love @Mumof1. I can feel your pain.
I have a husband who is always the fun one. Does all the fun stuff with our kids. Can’t be bothered to cook so takes them fun places for food or gives them rubbish. Plays with them right before bed. While I’m the one who has to assert all the rules, help them eat well and sleep well. Make sure they have clean clothes and everything’s ready for school. It’s exhausting and feels really unfair a lot of the time.
I realise that’s different from the situation you’re in. But I don’t know if it helps a little to know you’re not the only one. It feels like as Mums we are taken for granted a lot more by our kids. That’s how other Mums I know say they feel too. Although a friend with older children tells me that it all comes good in the end and as they get older they start appreciating us more for everything we do for them. I’m not sure quite what consolation that is right now. Just please know you can come on here and have a rant if that helps.
I hope you have something planned for this weekend that will help you feel better. A small break from your son at some point to fill your own cup by doing something that recharges you. Not sure where you live, but I’ve found being outside in the warmth this week has helped me feel better.
Sending you love :orange_heart::orange_heart:


Ah I really understand this @Mumof1. I was in a similar boat last year and honestly, it took a massive meltdown on my part for my husband to realise how bad it had got. We had a really long chat about it and I expressed how it made me feel and how I also needed time to fill my cup and it’s been better since. Not perfect, but better. Sending you a big hug :hugs:

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Hope you’re doing ok @Mumof1, am glad you shared how you are feeling. We experience this a lot as mums, you’re not alone. I hope you can find some time to fill up your cup on a regular basis - some really useful points from @Mumof2 and @sunshine84 above :yellow_heart:

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Thanks everyone. I’ve asked my husband to have a chat with me this evening once our son is asleep. Am hoping we can even just agree some time that I get for myself to try and feel better.


Hope you’re feeling better today @Mumof1. Sending you love xx


How you getting on @Mumof1 ? Hope you’re doing ok and you found some space for yourself at the weekend x


Thanks everyone for the support. I got a lot off my chest and we really spoke in detail about how I’m struggling. We’ve got a plan together and carved out some specific time that I can have alone, so am hoping to feel better with time :two_hearts:


This is great to hear, keep going lovely :heart:

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Really pleased to hear this :yellow_heart: