Half term - how is everyone?

How’s everyone’s half term going?

The rubbish weather certainly makes things a bit tougher doesn’t it!

Share your half term ideas below - how are you keeping your children occupied?!

Ummm demented?!!

My eldest is fairly good at entertaining herself but my twins have been on my back constantly to play and I’m also trying to juggle work. We’ve done a trip to the local farm but money is tight so we can’t go out every day.

Really stuck for ideas :woman_facepalming:t3:

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That’s tough for sure @LondonParent.

I’m slightly different as my son goes to his dads for half the week so I only have half the time to think of some fun ideas. I luckily had annual leave but we’ve kept it quite low key - a play date, a park trip and today we are driving to the coast for the day and taking packed lunches so all fairly cheap.

Do your twins like arts and crafts? I always save loads of recycling boxes and my son will sit for quite a while junk modelling. I also make up random scavenger hunts around the house which can sometimes go down well (sometimes not!).

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Does anyone do camps? I did for my 8 year old son this half term but he’s pretty fuming about it. At the same time, I think he’s slightly past the age of being ok to chill at home / park visits.

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My two are too young for half term as nursery is luckily all year round but definitely interested to hear some views on holiday camps for when my eldest starts reception.

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Big vote for camps here….if you can afford it. I try and get the balance right as they definitely wouldn’t tolerate it for the full break. So maybe 2 days for a half term then 3-4 days for a two week break then more in the summer hols as and when I need with work. I do always make sure I take two weeks off with them in the summer so it’s not too much camp time. I don’t know how else it can work with the amount of school holidays though?! I try and mix it up with some arts and crafts camps and then some sports camps, depending on what they’re interested in. I try and get them on board by looking at the options with them and making them feel in control of what camps they go to which definitely helps. It’s not easy!!