How to overcome sleep challenges?

Mastering bedtime and the bedtime routine can be tricky and is something that most parents have difficulty with at some time or another.

We’ve just posted a new guide to find out why this might be happening in your home and included 5 strategies to help if sleep is currently a struggle for your family.

You can read all the advice here.

We would love to hear if any of these tips work for you!

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Thanks for sharing that article, really interesting. My nearly 6 year old still wakes up every night and just wants to come in bed with me….reward charts for staying in bed just don’t work and he says he wants to cuddle me and not be alone. Am at a real loss how to get him to stay in bed :sob:

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My 3 year old is being a complete sleep thief and I’m finding it so hard to stay calm when they won’t go to sleep. I try and follow the SEED approach but find it so hard, particularly after a long day at work.

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Well this is a very well timed post!! My son has always had ups and downs in terms of being afraid when alone in bed at night. We’ve tried to build confidence during the day with small periods alone and had progress with him playing in a room alone or going to the bathroom alone, but never laying alone at night until asleep. A week ago he had a bad dream and is now very fearful at night. Would love to know how best to support him while also helping him work on this fear?


This is super tough for you all. Sleep is so vital, not just for our children but for us also.

In the course and the article linked above, we highlight the importance of routine, wind down time and how we need to ensure our commands are calm, clear and consistent.

Our advice would be to ensure you start limit setting in a sympathetic way, showing you understand what they want and being clear about the reason for the limit BEFORE giving the instruction.

@singlemumof1 does your son respond to role play with his toys? Perhaps you could bring this out in play during the day, with one of the toys needing to sleep with his mummy and then broach problem solving the situation with your son as to what would help them stay in bed all night. @Mumof1, whilst your challenge is a bit different, the role play approach during the day with your son may also help?

@TiredMum it is most definitely hard to stay calm when battling bedtime after a long day at work. The SEED approach is most effective when followed consistently. Do you think your 3 year old would respond to a reward chart?

Mastering bedtime and the bedtime routine can be tricky - hang in there everyone.


Thanks @Community_Manager, yes, role play is very much a big focus in our house so will try some specifics about sleeping in our own beds :heart:


Thanks @Community_Manager, I’m going to keep going with SEED. It’s just so hard when I’m also exhausted. I’ve been a bit slack on the reward chart front as we did do one for a bit but I think she was too young. Going to try again this week as I reckon she will be up for it if she chooses the reward she is working towards :star2:


@singlemumof1 This is a hard one. It is normal for boys to want to sleep with their mummies! Sometimes it helps to take a very gradual approach, where you’re in the room with him until he falls asleep, perhaps starting by being beside him in bed and then being on a chair and see if that helps, if it does you can gradually withdraw. I am assuming the usual things of having his door open and a night light on are in place.

@Mumof1 It sounds as though your son had a bit of relapse following his bad dream. Plentiful reassurance that it is normal to have bad dreams and things will be all right, as well as during the day talking to him if there is anything on his mind should help.

@TiredMumI imagine the usual routines of a bath, a bedtime story and no screens (well he’s only 3 anyway) for an hour before bed are in place. The more you can stay calm (okay easier said than done when you are tired and scratchy yourself) and emanate reassurance income, the greater the chance he will go back to bed; it may be worthwhile staying in his room while he goes off.


Thank you @Prof_Stephen_Scott. Good to know it’s normal….i sway between wanting to meet him where he’s at vs wanting him to stay in his own bed all night!!

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