How was your weekend?

How has everyone been getting on this weekend?

Share your wins (or your challenges if you need some support) below :yellow_heart:

My son was with his dad this weekend so I went all in on filling my own cup up. It’s such a bittersweet time….I don’t want him away at the weekend but I also know that I’ll go mad if I don’t have that time to myself. Lots of lying down watching crap tv and catching up with friends for me this weekend :raised_hands:


Yes @singlemumof1 :raised_hands::raised_hands: Good for you for focusing on yourself. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be away from your son but it seems like you are rational about it which is great. I am absolutely knackered….a full on weekend as always but I did actually manage to get my husband to sit and work through a bit of the course with me which is a total win. We decided to put part of the limits section into action and got the kids to sit with us and work up some family rules together. They all decorated the big bit of paper we wrote the rules on with stickers and glitter and they were really into it. Fingers crossed it works!


My weekend was rubbish. Meltdown central. I’ve just sat down to fully focus on the course as I haven’t gone through it all yet and I need some help as we appear to be in a meltdown cycle :sob:

Sorry to hear that @TiredMum. Continuous meltdowns are the worst. Seeing @LondonParent’s post actually reminded me I wanted to do the family rules exercise from the course. Have you tried that yet? I’m going to but it’s probably best on the weekend rather than after school when everyone is tired :roll_eyes: