Monday goal setting 💪

Morning everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

It’s a brand new week, and with that comes the opportunity for a fresh start :seedling:

What’s one goal you could focus on for the week?

Share below and look forward to discussing your goals with you all :yellow_heart:

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Staying calm :joy:

In all serious. Saying calm myself is my goal this week!


You beat me to it with the need to stay calm @StressedMum :joy:

I’m going to go with maintaining patience all week.

I usually start off the week well then as we edge towards the weekend, we both get more tired and I start losing my temper :woman_facepalming:t3:


My goal this week is to complete the next module of the course :star2:

So hard to find the time but I’m determined this week as am already seeing the benefit from the sections I’ve done!


Dare I say my goal for the week is to go to the gym 3 times - something that doesn’t involve parenting as such but hopefully gets me in a better headspace :crossed_fingers:


My goal this week is to be consistent with 10 mins of focused play every day. I really see the benefits of doing so but it’s definitely slipped lately.


My goal is to not raise my voice at all this week :woman_facepalming:t3:


Hello :wave:. Thought I’d check in. My week didn’t go too bad. There were a few times when I felt really mad and did a breathing exercise (breathe in for 4 and out of my mouth for 8 works for me) and it actually helped. I lost it less than I would have done had I not been really making the effort. So I’m congratulating myself on that win. I’ve finished the praise bit of the course this weekend so my focus this week will be on trying to praise positives rather than criticise negatives. Try to catch them doing what I want like playing nicely with each other and praise them for it (rather than waiting until they’re no longer playing nicely together and then go mad at them for it! :joy:). Wishing you all positive things for the week ahead :heart_eyes:


Good work @StressedMum, the breathing does wonders for me also and nothing brings me more joy than when I see my son taking deep breaths to regulate without being prompted :raised_hands:

My patience remained intact until Sunday - I was so close to keeping it together all week :joy: It was a perfect storm really of overwhelm, lack of sleep and a kids party for 30 5/6 year olds with Batman as the entertainer. I got through that calmly and then by Sunday I was just on my knees so had no more patience left in the tank :woman_facepalming:t3: Really beat myself up about it and felt awful for snapping but I find it so hard sometimes.

Let’s go again this week :joy:


The most important thing is that we are all trying. I take that as a sign as to how amazing we all are as parents you know :blush:


Kid’s parties are the worst. I find them so hard. Exhausting. Don’t beat yourself up @singlemumof1. that’ll test the patience of a saint! well done for getting through to saturday. And today is another day :star_struck:


Thanks lovely. It was a challenging day for sure!! Think I spent all my energy on party day and co-regulating with my son as he was overwhelmed so the next day I was just done in!!!