Need to get rid of the dummy!

Help!! I’m so sick of battling with my 3 year old about her dummy :sob:

It seems that no matter what I try, I just cannot get rid of it. We don’t have anything majorly rocky going on in our lives….happy marriage, solid routine with work/day care, no moves/trips… we’ve gotten her dummy use down to only when she’s laying down in her bed, but still, it needs to go and she’s being a nightmare, completely refusing and screaming the house down when I try.

How do you get rid of a dummy once and for all?! I’ve tried getting her to be comforted with a stuffed animal, but it hasn’t worked.

All ideas VERY welcome!!

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but you need to go cold turkey and just remove it!!

I went through this a few years ago with my twins and it was BRUTAL but it was the only way as bribes, negotiation etc just didn’t work.

We left the dummies out for the “dummy fairy” and then had about a week of brutal bedtimes and constant waking up. After that week though, it was then fine and they never asked for a dummy again.

I suggest stocking up on wine, chocolate and hold on for a rough ride but I promise it’s worth it. Good luck :kissing_heart:

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This is such a common challenge! and I suspect each parent will have a different approach! In principle its easier than stopping thumb sucking, as on way or another you can simply take it away as @londonparent called it going cold turkey and ! As you say it helps to involve the the ‘dummy fairy’. You can dress it up with swopping the dummy with a little toy overnight. But what ever you do , let them know that at a set time you will be removing it. You can say how grown up he is. If you cant do it in one go, remove it for longer times of the day and then bedtimes.
But @TiredMum you may still need to stock up for a week or more , consistency is the key!!

My son bit the end of his dummy off so instead of getting a new one i sliced the end off each day over a week, as it mysteriously got shorter until there was not much to suck!


Thank you @LondonParent and @Dr_Clare_Bailey - cold turkey it is then!!

Like the idea of the dummy fairy swapping dummies for a toy. Think I’ll wait until the weekend in case sleep is awful as a result as I can’t handle lack of sleep and work!!

I’ll let you know….off to stock up on wine :joy::joy:


You’ve got this @TiredMum - a few hard nights and that dummy will be history :kissing_heart:


Ooooh I used the dummy fairy also. Didn’t stop the meltdowns about it for the next 5 days but I held firm and we got there in the end. You’ve got this @TiredMum :raised_hands:


This has just made me laugh so much :joy:. What a creative way of getting rid of the dummy - making it mysteriously shorter every day!!

I can’t help here as I have a thumb sucker. Hope you’re getting on ok @TiredMum ? :kissing_heart:


She’s not giving up without a fight!! Bedtimes are the absolute worst for sure but I’m standing my ground. It’s been a week now and the demands for the dummy are lessening but not completely gone :crazy_face:

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