NEW BLOG - how harsh words can damage your child

New blog written by @Prof_Stephen_Scott posted today.

Love to know what you think. I know I’m guilty of speaking too harshly at times to our two (who are now teenagers and hopefully not too damaged by it all). Usually because of how I was feeling - stressed balancing work and kids, didn’t have the strategies I needed to handle their behaviour…

Anyway, I think I’d have found this a really helpful article to read. And the ‘planning ahead’ advice would probably have been most helpful for me.

Interested to know if anyone else has been brave enough to stand up to someone else who may have been talking too harshly to their child (or maybe to their own child)…


Great blog, thanks for sharing. A timely reminder for me :heart:

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Really insightful, thank you. I experienced this growing up so have had to work not to pass it on to my children. Appreciate you sharing in the community :yellow_heart:

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Great blog, thanks for sharing x

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Oh gosh. My hubby often is quite subtle in the way he criticises ours. He’ll pay them a compliment but then follow it with something that suggests it’s not quite enough or he wants more, saying something like “why can’t you behave like that all the time”. I don’t want to to just send him a link to this blog. But I want him to read it. Think I will try to talk it through with him.

I have witnessed a friend speaking harshly to her daughter many times. She often raises her voice and threatens her. And I’ve heard her call her names like ‘you little brat’ or ‘you’re lazy’. This has made me think I should say something but I don’t want to come across as judgmental or like I think I’m somehow better than her. Any suggestions for how I can go about that conversation?

Thanks x


I’ve had this experience too @Mumof2 and I ended up really offending the mum in question and it really damaged our relationship. It’s a very fine line to tread. She possibly was raised in the same way and that’s why it’s now coming out in her parenting, so it could be a sensitive one. Perhaps if it happens again in front of you, you could say something along the lines of “hey, are you ok, you seem a bit stressed/overwhelmed” and make it more of a leading question rather than referring directly to what she’s just said to her child??


That’s not a bad idea @Mumof1. Thank you for taking the time to suggest it. Yes, I think she thinks it’s fine and doesn’t realise she’s doing it. Maybe that’s how she was raised, I’ve never had those conversations with her. I’ll think on this a bit more. thank you x


I’m not one to interfere in other people’s parenting. I’ve got enough on my own plate to worry about. And I don’t think that would go well. This blog has made me think about my own anger and words though.