Reading with your child - what books do you enjoy?

Throughout this course we encourage you to set aside 10 minutes or more each day to play together with your child, and 10 minutes to share a book.

What books have you enjoyed with your child during this part of the course? We would love to hear your responses below!

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Ahh I love reading with mine and this part of the course really resonated with me…I much prefer it to role play etc!! My youngest and I are really loving “There’s a Unicorn in my book” just now and of course have had all of the Julia Donaldson books on repeat for a few years! My eldest is starting not to enjoy reading with me as much and will read by herself instead, but a relative recently bought her Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women, which is a fantastic book to both inspire and educate her I think!

Arrgghh my son won’t read with me. Don’t even get me started on the school phonics books but even books I buy that lean into his interests don’t really capture his attention. It’s so very rare that we successfully read together. I try and model and pick up a book in front of him and sit and read but mainly he just tries to get me to stop. The dedicated play part of the course has been much easier for us as I tap into what he likes eg lego, junk modelling or something vehicle related and he really enjoys that play together.

Looking forward to hearing others recommendations here. Ours love big picture books - the ones that have big pictures on every page and then some words too. And they want to read the same ones over and over! Luckily I quite like them too! Things like The Tiger Who Came to Tea and The Very Small They also really like the Mr Men books and Peppa Pig ones…

It’s been a while since I posted about reading but wanted to post again after a chat with the SENCO at my son’s school. He’s year 1 and they’re saying that he’s at an early reception level and struggles to access the curriculum without adult support and intervention. I still can’t get him to engage with the phonics books at all - are there any basic phonics books out there that are more appealing than the ones school provide?! Maybe ones that tap into his interests more eg football?! Or has anyone been through this before and have any tips?!

Urgh I feel your pain here. I had the same challenge and my child was so reluctant to engage with school phonics books. I remember buying a Julia Donaldson box of phonics books ages ago - does he like her books as maybe he will engage with something more familiar like that?


Just had a look and they look good. Thanks @sunshine84 :heart: I showed my son one which was called Bob Bug and he laughed so fingers crossed this helps :crossed_fingers:


We’ve got this!! It’s funnier than the ones that school tend to send home!! Good luck with it @singlemumof1 :crossed_fingers: