Rules and values charts

The rules section of the course talks you through being clear when setting limits. A really helpful way of achieving this is to sit down and create a rules and values chart for your family. You can consider a few areas to think about when making a list to remind your child about the behaviour that you wish to see.

Some examples could be:

  • No hitting or swearing
  • No feet on table
  • Homework before screen time
  • Put your own plates in dishwasher
  • We always hold hands when crossing the road

We would love to see your charts - please do share below!


Ah we really enjoyed doing ours as a family - all 3 kids really got into it and got involved with customising and decorating it. Ours are:

:boom: No fighting
:boom: No screens before homework and no screens after 7pm
:boom: Help with after dinner clear up
:boom: All toys cleared up and put away before bedtime

We ended up keeping it quite short as my 3 are still fairly young but it’s working ok so far - we pinned it up on the kitchen wall!


I did mine with my son after doing that bit of the course and like you say @LondonParent, it can actually be quite a good activity to do together. My son definitely went a bit wild with the glitter decorations!!

Ours are:

  • We speak kindly to each other and don’t scream and shout
  • We don’t hit or kick
  • We don’t have screens at bedtime
  • Cleaning up after dinner and putting toys away is team work

I kept mine quite short as well as my son is only 5 :heart:


These are fab @LondonParent and @singlemumof1

We did ours a few weeks ago also….

  1. No hurting each other - keep hands and feet to yourself.
  2. No shouting
  3. No climbing or jumping on furniture
  4. Pick up all toys at the end of the day
  5. Brush teeth twice a day

Bit of a random selection but clearly show the pain points that exist in our house!!


Was inspired by this post and we did ours this weekend! Kept it quite short also…

  • We use kind words and help each other
  • Clearing up at the end of the day is team work
  • We have a bath every evening
  • We stay in our bed until the sun comes up on the clock
  • We have 30 mins screen time per day

Hi @LondonParent - how brilliant that you that you have been proactive in setting up your family rules or whatever you plan to call it, and keeping it fun and involving the children helps them stay on board!

No screens after 7pm is is a lovely example of a family rules as it is specific, clear and can be put into action (more on managing screens elsewhere), while help clear up after dinner is a great way of your child learning how to be part of the family team and to feel grown up and helpful .
However it can take a bit of time for these to become habits! :wink:


Thanks @Dr_Clare_Bailey! It’s definitely a work in progress and there has been push back on the screen time cut off but we are holding the boundary as it’s important to us. Thank you for your reply :blush: