School anxiety with my 8 year old

Hi everyone, I’ve posted a couple of times about my 5 year old but I’m facing a bit of a challenge with my 8 year old now.

Even though there’s still a few days left of the Easter holidays, she’s already stressed about going back to school and saying that she can’t do it and she’s too worried. I’ve tried talking it through calmly but there doesn’t seem to be a specific reason for it. I can just see that there is a growing level of anxiety and it’s starting to concern me. Has anyone else been through this and got any ideas?

Thanks all!

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Hi @sunshine84, sorry to hear your daughter is struggling.

Most children feel worried and anxious some of the time, but things are not right if your child is experiencing unmanageable amounts of anxiety and feeling stuck, and particularly if their anxiety is affecting them feeling able to go to school.

Have you seen our blog on school anxiety? We discuss 8 ways to support children with school anxiety and you can read that here.

Hopefully this provides you with some ideas, let us know how you get on :yellow_heart:


Thanks so much @Community_Manager, I’ll give that a good read and put the tips into practice. Appreciate you linking the info for me x


Ah thanks for linking that article. Going to read that properly tonight. I also have challenges with my son’s school anxiety and fear it’s only going to get worse as he gets older (currently year 1) and the time at school becomes more learning based and there is less play :broken_heart:


Hi @sunshine84. This is so hard as a parent. I’ve found it really difficult to stay calm myself. It’s difficult to understand if you haven’t been through it yourself. My daughter struggled to get to sleep the night before and then the tears and digging her heels in the morning before school was so hard for us all. I needed to find real patience from somewhere (which isn’t easy when you need to get a lot of other stuff done and get to work). And I’ve got to say there were some mornings where I really lost my temper (which really didn’t help the situation and I’m not proud, but I just ran out of things to do and say). I can say that really didn’t help. So staying as calm as possible and showing love and support and understanding is the best all round if you can manage it (and walking away if not). Is she back on Monday? I hope things are getting a little better for you and not worse. Does she have a good friend at school that you could meet up with over the weekend? Or even go to school with on the first day back? Could that help maybe? Sending you and your daughter love :heart:

Thanks @StressedMum, good to know I’m not the only be that struggles with patience. It hasn’t lessened at all over the last few days. She is back on Monday and we are meeting up with one of her friends tomorrow afternoon which I’m hoping will help. Fingers crossed I can get her in on Monday without drama as the anxiety feels so heightened just now :cry:


Hi everyone, just wanted to thank you again for the messages of support and for linking the article with some tips to help. It was a tough bedtime last night, lots of tears and upset but she’s gone in this morning, albeit reluctantly, and I’m just sitting in the car to decompress a bit! Think we will have a tough week ahead but I’m feeling more confident in how to help her :heart:


Glad your daughter went into school this morning @sunshine84, even though it sounded like a tough one. Keep on doing what you’re doing and please don’t forget to lean on the community as you need. We are here to support you through this :yellow_heart:


sending you love @sunshine84 :yellow_heart: