Self-loathing and negative talk

Evening all,

I’ve noticed my son is often now saying “nobody likes me”, “I’m stupid” etc when upset due to being told off or when I’m holding a boundary.

I’ve tried talking to him about it in calmer times but he clams up. How should I be responding in those moments? Am struggling to know what the right thing to say is!

Thanks xx

Oh @singlemumof1, I’ve also experienced a bit of this and not known what to say. Sorry I don’t have the answer but just wanted you to know it’s normal to not know. Sending you a big hug xx


Hi @singlemumof1, I’m sorry to hear that your son is feeling this way. It must be really tough for both of you.

Sometimes, children go through phases where they feel this way. It’s important for him to know that these feelings are valid and that he’s not alone.

Encouraging him to talk about his feelings might help. Sometimes, just having a safe space to express his thoughts can make a big difference so even if you think that by just listening you aren’t helping - you absolutely are as your son will feel heard.

Another good thing to focus on is lots of positive reinforcement and reminding him of the things he does well and the positive relationships he has. There’s lots on positive reinforcement in the course that may be helpful to revisit.

Hang in there @singlemumof1, you’re doing a fab job x

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Thanks @Community_Manager, that’s all really helpful and some good points to remember.

It’s not as intense as when I wrote this so hopefully it was just a phase :crossed_fingers:

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