Tips for responding to “I don’t want to”

My daughter is almost 4 and has started expressing that she doesn’t want to do things, more so than ever before. For example, “I don’t want to go to swimming lesson”, “I don’t want to be dropped off at grandma/grandpa’s house”, etc. All things that, she just has to do. Are there any tips / scripts that enable me to recognise her feelings while also telling her she “has to”? (without using those words) ?!

Hi @R2104, thanks for sharing with us.

Firstly, it sounds like your daughter is going through a typical development stage, where she is trying to become a bit more independent than she was as a toddler. Some of her refusal to follow instructions can be her attempting to test boundaries and gain some control over what she does.

Have you seen our recent blog? One of our Parent Coaches has shared some excellent advice on this topic and there are some key strategies that you could try and implement at home. You can read more here.

Hope this helps - keep us updated and please do lean on the community for support as and when you need :yellow_heart: