🎓 WEBINAR - Sibling Rivalry

:hugs: Thank you to everyone who booked on, attended and participated in last night’s webinar. We were delighted again to see so much conversation and so many questions. Judy and Clare between them answered most of them. But please ask here if you didn’t get a chance or yours wasn’t answered. Either in this thread, or start a new topic and ask that question that you’d really like to hear @Dr_Clare_Bailey, @Prof_Stephen_Scott or @Parent_Coach_Mel’s view on. They regularly check in to our community here and offer suggestions from their wealth of experience.

If you missed it. Or if you would like your partner / friend / family member to watch it too, then here’s a link to the recording that will be available for the next 10 days (until Monday 6th May).

Passcode: ParentingMatters2024!

Save the date for our next webinar - just before half term - Wed 22nd May at 7:30pm. Topic to be announced.

Please let us know below what you think of our webinars so far. We’d like to know what you’re getting benefit from, what you’d like us to change, what we’re missing, is there another time of day that’s preferable… Any and all feedback is so valuable for us.

Many thanks :pray: :smiley:


Absolutely loved this webinar. Even though my son is an only child, I still took so many useful nuggets of information from Judy and Clare. Thanks everyone :heart:


Second that!! The rivalry between my 3 kids drives me mad and I got so many tips from this webinar. Thanks so much for sharing the link - I’m going to get my husband to watch it also so we can be on the same page when it comes to implementing the advice. Thank you!


Just watched this this afternoon as missed the live session. So powerful and I love that being part of this community means we have access to the experts. So great. In terms of future topics, have you considered anything on anxiety in children? It’s definitely a hot topic amongst my friends and I just now and it seems more children are struggling with anxiety than ever??


Agree with you @singlemumof1. Found this really useful even though my son is an only child also. I can’t stop thinking of the points Judy and Clare made around praise. It came up a lot throughout the session and it really made me think about how often I’m praising and how I can improve. Agree with @R2104, anxiety in children would be a really useful webinar. I find it really hard to manage my child’s anxiety and can get quite frustrated which isn’t fair on him :confused:


These webinars have been fab. Anxiety is a good topic like the others say. I also think topics like sleep and encouraging more independence in children would be super helpful - both topics very front of mind for me just now!

Thanks everyone for running these webinars, great idea and really help bring the course to life also!


Many thanks for the suggestions for future webinars. Very much appreciated :pray: