Wednesday wins!

Morning everyone!

Would love to hear about what wins you’re having this week? Has anything you’ve learnt from the course worked particularly well for you?

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I’m coming in early with mine! I got us both out the door by 7am, dropped my son at the childminder and made the train I needed to get in time for my meeting :raised_hands: Mornings can be a particular stress point for us so I’m taking the win. I also remembered to recognise it with him by saying “that was great getting ready this morning and some excellent listening, thanks for being on time with mummy” :heart:


Yes @singlemumof1 , that’s an absolute win!! Really pleased for you as the mornings can be tough can’t they.

So, my win for the week is that I can really see the rewards of doing some of the things I’ve learnt in the play module. It sounds so simple but just putting my phone in the other room and having that dedicated time to play has had such a positive impact in my house over the last week and it’s no coincidence that play is what I’ve been focusing on in the course lately :sunny:


Nice work ladies!

My win right now would be how the CALM acronym I learnt about in the course is indeed keeping me calm when sometimes I feel myself about to shout. It takes practice, don’t get me wrong, but I put a little sticky note in my kitchen where I can see it often and just that visual reminder is keeping me on the straight and narrow when it comes to leaving space between the action and my reaction!


:wave: what a lovely thread. I don’t think often enough about where I’m winning! I used the 4-2-4 breathing technique from the course on Tuesday when I was close to losing it and it actually helped! In fact now I think about it I reckon I went the whole of Tuesday without shouting once! :raised_hands:


I’m not very good at leaving my phone in a different room. Must try harder with that. Thanks for the reminder @sunshine84. Great job! xx


These are all excellent wins!

Am delighted to hear that what you’re learning in the course is playing out well in your daily lives - great news all round.

Let’s keep those wins coming!