Weekend plans ☀️

Hi everyone and happy weekend!

What’s everyone’s weekend looking like?

Share your stories, parenting hacks or any questions you have below!

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Happy weekend everyone, we made it!!

I have a good hack for this weather - have you seen the roll on sunscreens for kids?! I have always had SUCH bad sunscreen battles with my son but I just pass him the roll on and he does it himself. Total win.

Going to be outside as much as possible - does anyone find parenting outside easier than in the house or is that just me?!


Omg yes to being outside more! My twin boys especially need to be in the garden / park as much as possible. They’re like Labrador puppies :joy::joy:

I’ve not seen roll on sunscreen before?! Off to boots to purchase as that sounds much easier!!


The only plan I have this weekend is the start of the dummy removal from my 3 year old. Send good vibes please - dreading bedtime tonight!!!


Happy weekend lovelies.

I’m going to keep things as chilled as possible but definitely enjoy some sunshine. Feel like I’ve had such a challenging year with my son to date, am desperate for us just to have some fun.