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Hi everyone, I have just started the course and have joined the community so I can ask more questions and gain some additional support! I have a 5 year old son and have been single parenting since he was 16 months old. I mainly signed up to the course to seek specific help with behaviour - I’m really enjoying the play section of the course and have already had a few lightbulb moments! Look forward to chatting with everyone further :slight_smile:

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Hello singlemumof1, welcome to the Community! It’s so great to hear that you are enjoying the play section of the course. It’s wonderful to be part our children’s world through play, we find out so much about them – and ourselves! When my son was younger, I remember all he wanted to do for our daily ‘special play’ sessions was to practice his football skills – every day, whatever the weather! It really opened my eyes to his commitment and dedication.
What activities does your son particularly enjoy?
I look forward to hearing how you, and the other parents are getting on.


Thank you @Parent_Coach_Mel! My son is also a big football fan but not so much in the rain! Our play time is dominated a lot by lego and magna tiles just now - we each build something and then have what he calls “showing time” where we talk each other through what we’ve built. It’s super cute and I much prefer magna tiles / lego to football if I’m being honest!!


Hi everyone, I’m really happy to be here. Am hoping it will be really useful for us all to chat about the course and get some advice as we navigate this tricky world of parenting! I have two daughters aged 8 and 5 and oh my goodness, the arguing is driving me somewhat crazy. I’m definitely here for tips on sibling rivalry!! Look forward to chatting with you all.


Hey! I’ve just joined also - great to be here. @sunshine84 I hear you on the sibling rivalry - I have two boys and one girl aged 4, 7 and 9 and it really can be carnage sometimes can’t it. How is everyone getting on with the course? I’ve only just signed up so at the very beginning but I’m really encouraged by what I’ve seen so far.


Welcome @sunshine84 and @Mumofthree! Really pleased you’ve joined us. How are you both getting on with the course? We are here to support and guide you throughout so please don’t hesitate to reach out as you work your way through the different sections. We also have our wonderful @Parent_Coach_Mel who is on hand to provide advice and guidance as you need it. Thank you again for joining us, we look forward to many fruitful conversations!


Hello. I’m a mum of 2 girls. They are 4 and 6. I find it difficult trying to balance work with being a Mum. And I sometimes wonder if I am a bit too strict with them. I’m looking forward to learning more about my parenting style and hopefully learning some techniques to help me set boundaries better. I find I let too much go and then I suddenly snap when it all gets too much. I need to be more consistent that’s for sure. Lots to learn! I really want to be the best parent I can be. It just feels really hard sometimes. And there is never enough time.


Welcome @Mumof2 - it’s great to have you here! You mention your parenting style…have you tried our parenting style quiz yet? There are some great insights to be had and it’s often a good starting point before delving into the course also. Consistent boundaries are so tricky aren’t they - you’re in the right place as we go into a lot of detail on this topic in the Rules section of the course. Have you got to that part yet? Keep your eyes peeled also as we will be starting our live Q&As and webinars with our Parent Coaches and experts, Dr Clare Bailey and Professor Stephen Scott. Take care and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Hello, nice to be here. Looking for general tips and advice, but specifically also experiences/advice on anxiety in children (aged 6-9) and sibling rivarly. There are some issues around worries and anxious behaviours and difficulty sleeping I’m afraid!

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A warm welcome to you all! It’s great to have you all here. I hope you are finding the course interesting and useful. I can see that there are some common issues already, such as sibling rivalry - please see our Blog How to help your kids get along better – Parenting Matters in the Resources section that may give you some tips on this. The topics of Play, Praise and Listen, in the first part of the course - ‘Love’, focusses on building deep bonds and connection between parent and child, which will ultimately help to alleviate worries and anxiety and boost cooperation between family members.


Thank you for the link to that blog @Parent_Coach_Mel. Very helpful. I might try the marble jar idea for when my two are kind to each other, or share well or are more tolerant of each other. TY.

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Thank you @Community_Manager . I haven’t done the quiz yet. I will try it. Looking forward to hearing more. Thank you for your response

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Yes! Love the marble jar idea - am implementing it at home with my two this week :slight_smile: Did you try it yet @Mumof2 ?

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Hi everyone, I’ve just joined this evening after purchasing the course as love the fact there’s a safe space I can come to discuss the course and get more advice. So fab! I haven’t actually started the course yet but hoping to do 20 mins or so per day to make it manageable - am really looking forward to getting started and hopefully implementing some change at home. I have a 3 and an 8 year old and as my name suggests, am permanently tired mainly thanks to the 3 year old!! Looking forward to chatting more as we progress with the course.

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Welcome @TiredMum ! Love the idea of dedicating 20 mins an evening to the course…please do keep us updated with your progress and don’t hesitate to lean on the community as and when you need :yellow_heart:

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for letting me in. We have two boys aged 5 and 4. Hoping to learn/acquire some new skills for their development and to help deal with some of the difficulties too!

Hello @KevinJ ,

Firstly, huge apologies for the delayed response. We had to take a little break from the Community but are back now and will be here daily to offer support to our members.

How have you been finding the course?

Best wishes,
Community Manager

Hi everyone :wave:

Slightly apprehensive as not one for posting in communities usually but I’ve just come across the community after receiving an email about it and I thought why not…I can use all the help I can get!!

I have 3 children; an 8 year old girl and 5 year old twin boys. Yes, it’s exhausting! I’m here to try and get some support with behaviour, big emotions and also balancing the needs of 3 very different children.

Thanks for having me and look forward to seeing what the community brings :grinning:


Welcome @LondonParent, thanks so much for joining us. It’s great to have you here!

We can most definitely support you and hope you find some of our recent posts useful. Please do feel free to start any new topics that are specific to the challenges you are facing. We have a fab community here ready to support and a wonderful @Parent_Coach_Mel who is here to provide advice also.

Thanks for joining us :yellow_heart:

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