What screen time is ok for a 4 year old?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working my way through the course since joining but have a specific question I would appreciate your advice on.

Since I had my second baby, my 4 year old’s screen time has crept up significantly. I feel so sad because when it was just her, we were out and about all the time but that hasn’t happened as much since the baby arrived as it’s just too hard to get us all ready and out. I find it so stressful.

She’s therefore spending a lot more time watching tv. For those with 4 year olds, how much screen time do you allow?? Am stressed about the damage I’ve potentially caused by not restricting the tv - it’s just easier when I’m trying to feed and settle a very fussy baby :sob:


Hi @R2104, thank you for posting. Firstly, don’t beat yourself up about this, it’s something so many parents experience when they have another baby and are finding their feet.

We have some really excellent advice here that may help you adjust the screen time as and when you’re ready.

Take good care and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions :yellow_heart:


I second this - don’t beat yourself up @R2104. Having a baby is hard and even harder when you have an older child to look after. When I had my twins, my older one definitely watched more tv for quite a while until we got into the swing of things. No harm done and it was a case of survival. Once we were ready, it was quite easy to reduce it as we naturally were able to get outside more. There are some great tips in that article too. Don’t worry and feel free to DM me if you ever need a chat x


Thanks so much @Community_Manager and @LondonParent. That makes me feel a bit better. I think I’ve massively underestimated how hard the jump from 1 to 2 would be. Hopefully now the weather is improving we can be out in the garden more and I can reduce the screen time. Just feel guilty about my 4 year old all the time since having the baby.


It’s going to be ok @R2104. I had the same feelings about my eldest when I first had the twins and I promise it does pass and the guilt will ease. Sending a big hug your way xx