Why does ADHD occur and what does it mean in practice?

ADHD is due to brain difference in these children’s prefrontal lobes, which means that their ability to sustain concentration and draw down information from the upper brain is impaired; for them it is like working through treacle to get something “from brain to page”.

Supporting a child with ADHD and going through the referral and diagnosis process can be extremely challenging as a parent. At Parenting Matters, we are extremely fortunate to have Dr Clare Bailey as one our founders and resident experts. Dr Bailey discusses ways to help your child with ADHD here.

We hope you find this content useful as you navigate your way through a potential diagnosis or challenging time. Please feel free to open up the discussion below - we are here to support you.

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I found this really helpful, thank you. My son is on the pathway for diagnosis but even without knowing for certain, reading resources like this is super helpful. Thanks for sharing x


Glad you found it useful @singlemumof1. How are you these days?

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Hmm I’m ok thanks….just struggling to support my son during extreme meltdowns, which are particularly prevalent around transitions eg when he comes home from his weekend at his dad’s. I recently sat down with him to chat about coming up with some family rules together, which is something I learnt in the course. He totally bought into it and we talked a lot about screaming in particular. The issue is that when he goes from 0-100 in a matter of seconds, all of that goes out the window and it’s a case of co regulating as best I can and bringing him back down.

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